GMWSupporting integrative interdisciplinary research discourse: A case study analysis

Ambar Murillo Montes de Oca, Nicolae Nistor
Interdisciplinary research varies in its integrativity - the degree to which the different disciplines are integrated.
Addressing the question of how to create a more integrative interdisciplinary research discourse (IIRD), we propose a model based on Learning by Design, taking a design based research approach, to conceptualize its dynamics.
Based on our model, a case study of interdisciplinary research in the fields of psychology, education and image information mining in remote sensing is discussed; finding that IIRD parts from a joint language and discourse, to include joint design/redesign, and grows to include a joint analysis.
This research results in a better understanding of interdisciplinarity. In terms of research practice, it suggests how practical interdisciplinary research scenarios can be more effectively structured.
Ambar Murillo Montes de Oca   Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität
Nicolae Nistor   Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität | UniBW München | Walden University
GMW | ID133